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Thursday, 31 December


Winter hits Chihuahua with 25cm of snow – climate change blamed for series of winter storms The Extinction Protocol

Mexico Snow
December 2015MEXICOWinter struck the state of Chihuahua with a vengeance Saturday, leaving snow up to 25 centimeters deep and temperatures as low as -17 C in the mountain region of Tarahumara. It was either cold or very cold throughout the state, said Civil Protection operations director Virgilio Cepeda, with average snow accumulation measuring 15 centimeters in 52 of the state’s 67 municipalities. The snow began falling Saturday night and continued for some 16 hours.
Seven flights were canceled at the Ciudad Juárez airport and parts of many highways were temporarily closed. Three-hundred emergency shelters were opened. One fatality has been reported as a result of a motor vehicle accident on the Chihuahua-Parral highway. Civil Protection coordinator Luis de Jesús Luján Peña said the fifth winter storm of the season was a result of the conjunction of cold front No. 24, maritime air and a jet stream, and a consequence of climate change. The winter storm also struck Sonora, where four municipalities reported low temperatures. Lowest was recorded in Yécora, where the mercury dropped to -9.5 C. –Mexico News Daily
Mexico Snow 2



Match alert: Give now and double your impact! Chesapeake Climate Action Network

2015 is certain to be the hottest year on record. It’s also the year that I’ve felt more hope for the global climate movement than I have in a very long time. And I’m not alone.

In these final 48 hours of 2015, a group of generous CCAN donors has offered to match dollar-for-dollar every gift to CCAN — up to $7,000.

That means your year-end gift can have double the impact for CCAN and the campaigns you care about!

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation right now, and help us meet this challenge.

We have every intention of making 2016 a year for groundbreaking results. For every effort we undertake, we build as big a coalition as possible and never, ever, ever give up. Here’s why giving to CCAN is critical for the planet:

  • We win. Your donation will ensure that we keep Maryland in the lead for envelope-pushing state clean energy policies. We have broader support than we’ve ever had heading into the 2016 General Assembly for our priorities to renew our landmark carbon cap bill and expand our clean electricity standard to 25% by 2020.
  • We set the bar high. In the District, we’re launching a first-of-its-kind campaign to put a price on carbon in our nation’s capital. This will be a heavy lift, but we can do it with your support.
  • We don’t let up. In Virginia, we will doggedly push to pass our bipartisan Virginia Coastal Protection Act in 2016, supported by cities across the commonwealth, faith and civic leaders, and clean energy businesses. We will also continue to work with statewide and local groups to fight Dominion’s aggressive push for hundreds of miles of fracked gas pipeline crisscrossing our land.

We are so thankful for your support — because none of these campaigns...


Our Latest Trip Around the Sun: A 2015 Collection of Articles and Insights We All Live Downstream

By John Noël, National Oil and Gas Coordinator – On Twitter: @Noel_Johnny

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite insights and developments this year in the world of oil and gas, drinking water protection and climate change. I did not include the more well known high points, notably, EPA’s Carbon Pollution Plan, the Popes historic visit to the US and the recent COP 21 Paris agreement. Instead these potentially lesser-known but still wildly important stories will tee up Clean Water Actions’ work in 2016 along with helping to shape the conversation in the broader movement.

Aquifers Exemptions Exposed Nationwide and California Regulatory Meltdown

UIC AE Program Graphic - How Many Aquifers Have been SacrificiedIn January 2015, Clean Water Action released a report outlining a little know provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act that provides an exemption for the oil and gas industry. The program effectively writes off drinking water resources in favor of oil and gas wastewater disposal and expanded production.

In order to raise awareness in the drinking water professionals’ community on this issue we published a journal article in the American Water Works Association. The editor warned that the article “would snap your head around” for readers not familiar with how...


Time to bring back Nature's flood management engineer - the beaver The Ecologist

As climate change brings more rain, Britain is suffering from the extinction here of our native flood engineer - the beaver. Louise Ramsay says it's high time to re-introduce these charismatic rodents all over Britain.

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Wednesday, 30 December


Brazil: Incendiary Attack Against Bank by Marie [sic] Mason Cell / M.I.A for Black December Earth First! Newswire

from Anarchist News

panfleto[Editor’s Note: Marius Mason is the name of the prisoner that the title refers to. For more information about Marius, check out his website.]

Manifesto of M.I.A – Movimento Insurgente Anarquista (Insurgent Anarchist Movement) Marie Mason Cell

Between the end of November and the beginning of December, two ancient trees were cut down in the square outside the Our Lady of Remedies church at the behest of the Osasco-Sao Paulo municipal authorities.

And, in August 2015, the armed branches of government assassinated more than 20 people in one night in the regions of Osasco, Barueri, Carapicuiba and Itapevi. All the people who were assassinated came from the favelas and the barrios away from the center of these fascist states.

In response to these assassinations, we have brought our fire to one of the veins that keeps this oppressive system alive. Even though it w...


Amerindians in Guyana Leery of Emerging Oil Economy Earth First! Newswire

by Neil Anthony Giardino / Inter Continental Cry


This September Lenox Shuman and fellow Arawak Amerindians marched to the Prime Minister’s office in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, wearing war paint and clutching bows and arrows. It was a display of cultural identity that ended in a pledge to defend the country against neighboring Venezuela, who has laid claim to more than half of this small South American nation for more than a century. The territorial feud intensified this May after Exxon Mobil, under contract from the Guyanese government, announced the discovery of vast amounts of oil in the disputed Essequibo region. The finding could be worth more than 10 times Guyana’s current economic output. But Amerindian communities in the country, often the casualties of extractive industries like logging and mining, are less optimistic about an emerging oil economy.
Shuman, who is Toshao, or chief, of a village called...


Major Disaster Declared for Oklahoma Fire Earth

Oklahoma Declared Federal Disaster Area Oklahoma Severe Winter Storms and Flooding (DR-4247) The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Oklahoma in the areas affected by severe winter storms and flooding during the period of November 27-29, 2015. The hardest hit areas include the counties of Alfalfa, Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, […]


Missouri governor warns of ‘historic and dangerous’ floods The Extinction Protocol

Missouri Flooding
December 2015MISSOURIMissouri’s governor warned Tuesday of flooding and swollen river levels that could exceed levels seen in a devastating flood in 1993, and he pleaded with drivers to stay off inundated roadways. Thirteen people in Missouri have died in floods caused by severe storms over the weekend, and although the rain has moved on, swollen rivers are still rising and won’t crest for days, Gov. Jay Nixon said. “It’s very clear that Missouri is in the midst of a very historic and dangerous flooding event,” Nixon told reporters Tuesday. “The amount of rain we’ve received, in some places in excess of a foot, has caused river levels to not only rise rapidly, but to go to places they’ve never been before.”
Nixon declared a state of emergency Monday, and on Tuesday he activated the National Guard to assist first responders and to secure areas evacuated because of the winter storms. Several roads were blocked into the tourist mecca of Branson, where nearly 200 families were asked to evacuate voluntarily and the Red Cross opened a shelter on the Branson Strip. At Rockaway Beach near Branson, residents said the flooding, which peaked Monday night, was the worst they’d ever seen. “I’m usually pretty good about coming up with a game plan, and yesterday, literally my mind shut down, because I didn’t know what to do,” Rick Pickren, owner of White River Trading Co., an antique store, told NBC station KYTV of Springfield on Tuesday.



More earthquakes strike California and Oklahoma The Extinction Protocol

Quake California 2
December 2015CALIFORNIA – A moderate earthquake shook an inland area of Southern California near San Bernardino on Tuesday night, giving a start to thousands across a heavily populated area with more than one person comparing it to a rumbling big rig. There were no immediate reports of damages or injuries, however. The U.S. Geological Survey says in a preliminary report that the magnitude-4.4 quake hit in foothills northwest of San Bernardino about 5:38 p.m. at a depth of about three miles, a report from the U.S. Geological Survey said. Aftershocks of magnitude 3.8 and 3.2 came minutes later, and dozens of tiny aftershocks followed in the next few hours. People reported feeling the earthquake throughout the suburbs east of Los Angeles, which is about 50 miles southwest of the epicenter.
Brenda Torres, 24, a waitress at Papa Tony’s Diner in San Bernardino said customers were a bit shook up but kept calm. Nothing in the restaurant rattled or broke and the quake was so short there wasn’t even time to take cover under a table. “At first I thought it was a semi-truck that had hit the building or something,” Torres said. Laura Melgoza, 23, a college student and cashier at WaBa Grill in San Bernardino, said she and her co-workers headed toward the front of the building as the restaurant shook. “I was just panicking,” she said. “It was the biggest one that I’ve felt.” Tim Franke, a dispatch supervisor with the San Bernardino County Fire Department communication center, said there were no reports of damage or injuries, but the shaking was...


Newcrest coy on Hidden Valley shutdown Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Miner refuses to confirm or deny rumours but says operations ‘returning to normal’ after death closes road…

Hidden Valley

Rosalyn Albaniel | Post Courier

AUSTRALIAN Miner Newcrest has confirmed operations at Hidden Valley in Morobe Province, are returning to normal.

This was from the PNG country manager Peter Aitsi, who was responding to reports that had surfaced of a shutdown on site.

While this report was neither confirmed nor denied Mr Aitsi did however confirm that as of December 10 the company had begun using the long haul road, which had been closed.

“I can confirm that as of December 10, we were able to start using the long haul road for Hidden Valley – so essentially the mine is returning to normal operations,” he had stated.

Mr Aitsi had explained that the stoppage in the use of the road had come about as a result of a fatal accident which had occurred along this access road.

“A sub-contrator tow truck involved in recovering a broken down prime mover had lost control and crashed,” he said.

Reports are that the worker had died. He said the Hidden Valley Joint Venture and Mineral Resources Authority inspectors had conducted an investigation in November into the accident and the road access had been closed off to heavy vehicles. This was under the directive of the MRA inspectorate branch.

“We have worked closely with the various sections of MRA...


Behold! The biggest business in the world – In the name of … Head Space

All the top religious institutions in the world be it Christian, Islam, Hindu, Mormon and so on and so forth have a net worth and annual income much higher than most or all the top business corporations in the world. If we have to adopt a successful business model based on the learnings from these […]


The Contrails Conspiracy Is Not Only Garbage, It’s Letting Aviation Off The Hook Too Geoengineering Watch

chemtrail-sky-with-jetSource: The Disinformation Directory Original story by George Monbiot in The Guardian: Response written by Marla Stair-Wood George Monbiot is concerned about airplane emissions. He is so concerned about aviation emissions, he penned numerous essays on the subject since 1996, when he became a columnist for The Guardian. One would think the armies of


Historic Flooding Underway: Town Evacuated Fire Earth

Mandatory evacuation order issued for West Alton, Missouri The U.S. Coast Guard has closed a large section of the Mississippi River near St. Louis due to flooding. Historic flooding is underway. Up to 12 inches of rain since Monday have inundated a vast area in southern and central U.S. Water has topped the Consolidated North […]


20 Most Popular Eco Hashtags of 2015 EcoWatch


Here are the 20 most popular hashtags on Twitter inspired by the...


Defeated: rich countries' plan to impose investor rights in WTO trade deal The Ecologist

Rich nations at this month's World Trade Organisation summit in Nairobi failed in key objectives, writes Alex Scrivener, like the inclusion of investor rights as in TTIP, TTP and CETA. But the unfair order of global trade remains in place, and the greatest danger for poor countries is that the neoliberal agenda will now be forced upon them in opaque regional and bilateral trade deals.


USDA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Censorship of Pesticide Research EcoWatch


"Censorship of public agency science does not affect only scientists—it concerns the public at large as well as...


Obama will look for ‘every opportunity’ to push climate plans in 2016, experts say Latest News

The president is likely to focus on the environment in his final year in office, and Congress can do little to stop him


Tidings to All Ye Who Would Build Pipelines Here: From Southern Oregon Rising Tide Earth First! Newswire

from Southern Oregon Rising Tide

postcard_front small

Over the holidays, Southern Oregon Rising Tide mailed festive postcards to several of their fracking foes with a special message: Bring the pipeline, expect resistance. Donning elf hats and tree-climbing apparel, SORT members scaled a snow laden doug fir tree that stands in the path of the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline near Ashland, OR.

Pipeline construction still awaits final approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of State Lands, so trees on the 95-foot-wide, 232-mile-long pipeline easement are safe for now. But the message from the grassroots to the corporate world should be clear: this pipeline is a bad investment.

Veresen (VSN), the parent company of Jordan Cove, has continued to lose value in the stock market since 2014. This fall, the company revealed to FERC that they have yet to...


Trump Ties With Pope Francis for Second Place as ‘Most Admired’ Man of 2015 EcoWatch


The runners-up to Obama, Donald Trump and Pope Francis, both garnered...


Victory: Obama Signs Bill Banning Plastic Microbeads EcoWatch


Following the footsteps of California’s historic microbead ban, the Microbead-Free Waters Act ...


5 Reasons 2015 Was One of the Most Important Years in Decades EcoWatch


2015 was a breakthrough year for our environment. The nations of the world agreed to a...

Tuesday, 29 December


Australia Train Derailment: Floods Impede Sulphuric Acid Cleanup Earth First! Newswire

from Associated Press

 The train came off the rails near the small town of western Queensland. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The train came off the rails near the small town of western Queensland. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Floodwaters are hampering efforts to clean up a remote site in north-east Australia where a freight train carrying sulphuric acid derailed on Sunday.

The train was carrying around 200,000 litres of the highly corrosive substance when it came off the tracks near the small town of Julia Creek in western Queensland, police said.

All 26 wagons derailed and a small amount of acid and diesel fuel were spilled, police said. Three people were treated for minor injuries.

Heavy downpours were making cleanup efforts difficult on Monday, as flash floods cut access to the road that runs past the derailment site.

Officials set up a 1.2-mile (2km) exclusion zone around the site and...


Costa Rica: Animal Rights Activists Protest Bullfights Earth First! Newswire

by L Arias / Tico Times


Dozens of animal rights’ activists gathered Friday evening during the opening of the Zapote Festival, east of San José, to demonstrate against one of the celebration’s main events: Tico-style bullfights.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the bullring’s box offices chanting slogans and displaying banners with messages about the suffering bulls go through before, during and after the fights.

The protest’s main event, however, was a performance by a group of protesters simulating the marking of cattle using a hot iron.

The protest was organized by five groups under the umbrella name “Coordinated Group for Animal Liberation,” one of th...


Worst flooding in the last 50 years hits Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brasil The Watchers » Latest articles

Widespread flooding across Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil over the last 7 days forced more than 150 000 people to evacuate their homes and claimed 6 lives so far. The floods are the worst to hit the area in the last 50 years, according to the local authorities.... Read more »


Priorities We All Live Downstream

By Bob Wendelgass, President and CEO (Follow Bob on Twitter – @BWendelgass)

Family, friends, coffee (especially this time of year), clean water. That’s my list right now.

What’s yours?

Most of us have been focused on other things the past few days (and rightly so!).

But here’s the thing –  now is a great time to re-focus on protecting clean water, no matter where it is on your list. Will you make your tax-deductible clean water gift today?Checklist_owl

You know that clean water is fundamental. But did you know your financial support has never been more important? It will ensure that we start 2016 off right and that we can make sure that putting drinking water first is on the top of everyone’s list to start the new year.

Whether it’s winning the fighting to protect streams and wetlands, getting toxic chemicals out of everyday products or protecting communities from oil and gas development, your support will make sure that protecting clean water is the number one priority in 2016.

Donate now, while there’s still time. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Bob Wendelgass, President and CEO

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