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Sunday, 27 December


Echonetdaily: A hearty thanks from Liberation Larder "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Liberation Larder was charity of the day at the Byron Christmas markets on December 20.

We would like to thank the Byron Markets for this great fundraising opportunity.

A big thank you also to all our volunteers, and everyone who donates, we could not do it without you all.

Happy holidays to all.

Rhonda Khong, Liberation Larder

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Saturday, 26 December


andypaine: Not A Number "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Growing up in a small country town and being obsessed with discovering strange new music had its complications. One was that there was no “music scene”. In fact with each new style that I discovered; be it punk, reggae, soul or 80’s post-punk; I didn’t know a single other person who was into the music I was listening to.

Another complication was how to actually find music. Triple J was invaluable as a starter point, but pretty soon my hunger for new sounds was seeking more than it offered. Staying up late on a Saturday night to watch Rage was great for discovering music from the past, but I wanted more. The internet was an incredible resource, but it was not like today’s internet – no youtube, no streaming, dial-up download speed. A lot of music I would read about long before I would ever hear it.

My home town of Mudgee had one CD shop. Well, technically it wasn’t just a music store – half of it was taken up with books, and a small section sold role-player games like Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons. The music selection was small and not very diverse. You could order in CDs they didn’t have in stock, but they could literally take months to come in. Fortunately there was one other place in town where you could buy music. The local hock shop, called “The Trading Post”, was a second hand music goldmine.

I have no idea how some of the obscure and varied music ever got on to the shelves of that shop. But it started what was to become a long-lasting hobby of trawling through the music section of second hand stores, and taught me a valuable lesson – sometimes the more random the location, the better the haul. From its ever-changing selection of second hand CDs I not only got some of the big alternative acts of the time like Grinspoon, Jebediah and Frenzal Rhomb; but I first heard a number of artists who I would go on to love – Bob Marley, The Pixies, MxPx, Billy Bragg...


matthew schiavello: photos and words: matthewschiavello: ‘Trying to reach through to the other... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


‘Trying to reach through to the other side #95’


From a series of images taken of strangers using public spaces, with a transparent/semi-transparent item placed between the camera and stranger. The aim of this series was to re-present everyday life in a different and unique way. The viewer is then presented an opportunity to re-explore the manner in which they view their own everyday surroundings. Questions may arise such as; What am I really seeing when I see, Am I missing the uniqueness that exists in what I see, Do assumptions colour my view and understanding of what I see and if so where do these assumptions come from and are they useful to me?

No photoshop manipulation,aside from my standard slight tweaking of colour and brightness etc.

Something from 2013.



The Witches Kitchen: Sourdough Crackers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

sourdough crackers

This post is a bit late isn’t it.  The party season is over and we’re now into lazy and carefree.  Oh well.  Parties will come round again.

Someone asked me not long ago if I make sourdough crackers.  They are so easy they are scarcely a recipe at all. Just sourdough starter, wholemeal flour, oil, salt, and perhaps some sesame or poppy seeds.

Ok, I’ll try to be a bit more specific. Because it is really worth making your own, and avoiding all those nasty transfats, as well as the ridiculous amount of packaging.

The Recipe:

Like my Seedy Sourdough Crispbread, it starts just like regular sourdough, except I make a smaller batch of starter:

Step 1:

  • Take the sourdough starter out of the fridge.
  • Mix 1  cup of unbleached bakers flour, 1  cup of water, and 1 cup of starter.  (I use my tank water, which has no chlorine or additives in it).
  • Put half of it back in the fridge.  You should be left with 1 cup of fed starter, to put in a bowl covered with a clean cloth on the kitchen bench for about 8 hours (overnight or for the day). It should end up frothy, like the picture.

Stage 2:


19:34 Obama bankrolls Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA). "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

News Updates from CLG
23 December 2015

Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending package, approves controversial CISA surveillance legislation | 19 Dec 2015 | President Barack Obama signed a 1.1 trillion spending package which bankrolls the government through next year. While it includes tax breaks for low-wage earners, it also includes a controversial cybersecurity measure slipped in during negotiations. Labeled the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, it is actually a combination of three bills passed by Congress over the year, including the often-criticized Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA). The new law authorizes companies to share information about cyber threats with "any federal entity."...

19:26 116 homes lost unnecessarily due to stupidity of Green Labor Government "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


The stupidity of the Victoria Country Fire Service and the even more unintelligent Green Labor Government has seen 116 homes destroyed by fire because the Bolsheviks of the state Labor party forbid any hazard reduction burning in cooler months, removal of eucalypts trees near houses or any sensible fire prevention methods.

The government doesn’t use graders or bulldozers in their ‘pristine’ reserves in case a blade of grass or some ants are disturbed. The knuckle draggers of the state ALP should be prosecuted for this wanton carnage that will increase every insurance premium in the nation. Never mind the terrible consequences for those hapless home owners who have lost all of their possessions by not preparing their own fire breaks or providing sufficient water resources to fight bush fires.

Wakey wakey rural Victorians!

17:45 If this was Australia the young home inhabitants could be dead "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

An 11 Year-Old Demonstrates Gun Control: “Not Only Good Judgment But Also Good Marksmanship, Striking Only the Intended and Lawful Target”

Karl Denninger

Editor’s Note: Does the Constitution give an 11 year-old boy the right to bear arms and defend himself and his loved ones? The immediate answer from the anti-gun crowd would be a resounding “no.” But what if he so happened to be at home alone with his 4 year-old sister when two individuals attempted to break into his house not one or twice, but three times? Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker weighs in.



an appreciation of the Bogong bioregion: Summer or Drought? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

My latest installment from Castlemaine.



It’s summer and the fear has set in. Yes, fear about the fires but after a warm winter, dry spring, and a baking early summer I wonder if we’re wheeling back into a long drought. Friends in the Chewton forest are already buying water. The creeks are dry, the soil is so dry. Even the bush looks stressed, closed down and waiting, tree tops thinning out, understory just hanging in there.

The Fifth Sacred Thing is a novel set in a not too distant post climate change future. The book opens in late summer, when water supplies are dwindling, and big processions of people wind slowly up the hills above San Francisco to pray that the rains will come. I often start to feel like this as we ease into the brutal reality of summer north of the divide. But this year seems a little different.

You can read more here.


The New Epicurean: Christmas 2015 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Christmas isn't really a thing for me or my immediate family. There was some observance when I was a child in the form of pagan decorations (tree, candles etc, largely influenced by my mother's formative years in Germany) but no interest in turkeys, bread sauce and brussels sprouts. 

Once I started cooking as an adolescent, I took some interest in making vast fruited cakes, lovingly fed with brandy for weeks and covered in homemade marzipan and royal icing; enormous loaves of stollen; fragrant fruity, boozy mince pies with orange-scented pastry. 

No longer doing a boring job, which forced me into cooking as a means of relaxation and a sense of feeling useful, complex cookery is somewhat less important to me. Hence my infrequent updates (though I have a small backlog of brunching).

Nonetheless, I felt I should do something a bit different this year, and so it was that I investigated the possibility of a vegan Christmas roast.

I thought of nut roasts, but I also wanted to have a go at doing a tofurkey. Unable to decide, I incorporated the bits I liked of the former into the stuffing for the latter.

And so we have this - salad, braised red cabbage with figs and raspberry vinegar, steamed snow peas and broccolini, roasted sweet potato, tofurkey with chestnut stuffing, gravy. 

Tofurkey as follows.

Put something heavy...

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Friday, 25 December

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Wednesday, 23 December


Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM: Jazz Plus playlist "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Hello, this is Al Hensley. Wayne Carlson and I alternate with one another week about presenting the Jazz Plus program heard every Wednesday at 2PM. Each week I post the program’s playlist in case you’d like to track down any of the new releases or classic sides featured. To see what Wayne played this week click here

The following tracks were played on Jazz Plus” on 23 December 2015.
  1. Bob Scoby ‘All the Wrongs You’ve Done to Me’ The Scoby Story
  2. Dave Brubeck and Jimmy Rushing ‘All by Myself’ Dave Brudeck
  3. Kenny Burrell ‘Gee Baby Aint I Good to You’ Midnight Blue
  4. Louis Jordan ‘Pompton Turnpike’ Saxa-Woogie
  5. The Syncopaters ‘Fingaro’ Saturday Night Function
  6. Nils Landgren ‘The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress’ The Moon and Stars and You
  7. Oscar Peterson ‘Sleepy Time’ The Complete Young Oscar Peterson
  8. Simon Stribling East Coast Connection ‘Wocka the Fish’ Don’t Monkey With It
  9. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie ‘Slam Slam Blues’ Late Nights and Cool Jazz
  10. Duke Ellington ‘Concerto for Cootie’ A Portrait of Duke Ellington
  11. Geoff Ball ‘Joe Avery Piece’ The Last Reunion
  12. Shelly Manne ‘La Mercura’ West Coast Jazz
  13. Blossom Dearie ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ Give Him the Ooh La La
  14. Gerry Mulligan Quartet ‘Five Brothers’ Immortal Concerts
  15. George Auld ‘Can’t Get Started’ Saxaphones 1940′s
  16. King Olivers Creole Jazz Band ‘Dippermouth Blues’ His 25 Greatest Hits
  17. Charles Brown &#821...

Sunday, 20 December


Common Ground North Coast: PISSING IN THE WIND "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The almighty, indomitable force of nature is all too evident. A casual waft through the broadsheets will usually uncover at least one tale of flooding, earthquakes, storms, forest fires or some other so-called act of God, a Damoclean sword swipe at our complacency.

We sit in our cocoon of safety here in the Byron Shire, for the most part sheltered from all mother nature can rain down upon us. The occasional bit of flooding, sure, a bit of a blow out of the east every now and again granted, but we aren’t talking monsoons of Bangladeshi proportions or hurricane Katrina-like decimation. We pity the world, view the media with sadness and compassion and whisper a little something to the man upstairs, safe and grateful in the knowledge that it could never happen to us.

…or could it?

Cyclones are usually thought to hit up north and do little more than strip a couple of trees or peel away some roofing by the time the reach us. Damage is done, and there is nothing meek about their presence, but it would be hard, even of the worst-case scenarios of the past three decades, to call them natural disasters. But this wasn’t al

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