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Wednesday, 23 December


Why the Albo love-in? Catallaxy Files

Why is it that so many conservatives love Anthony Albanese?  download (1) In today’s Australian, Janet Albrechtsen gives Albo, a creature of the Left and inner-city trendies, an A for his performance this year.

Because he stood up for what he believes in at the ALP conference – encouraging people to get on ricketty boats having paid some scumbag an exorbitant amount of money and standing a fair chance of drowning.  That makes sense?

Actually, he is a real pest in the House (he is not the Leader of Opposition Business) calling out all the time and shouting when he thinks his ‘legacy’ is being questioned.

And the reality is that he was a shocking Minister for Infrastructure and other things, giving as many favours as he possibly could to his union mates.

  • Establishing the Road Transport Remuneration Tribunal within the Fair Work Commission to arbitrate rates of pay (in the name of safety, you must realise) in order to punish mum and dad operators who refuse to join up to the TWU (a favour demanded by the TWU (Tony Sheldon);
  • Running with some sort of ridiculous policy to ‘save’ Australian shipping as a favour to his mates at the MUA, including a series of ridiculous tax concesssions;
  • Signing off on a whole lot of dodgy infrastructure projects (taking no notice of Infrastructure Australia), including the highly dubious Moorebank Intermodel project that could have been undertaken by the private sector;
  • Running with the really stupid idea of having National Cities policies with the federal government insisting on centrally dictated criteria in order to hand over money (taken up with gusto by the Turnbull government, with the appalling Jamie Briggs...


King Island Courier Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST

In case you don’t have a subscription to the King Island Courier, I uploaded it here following my visit last week:

KIC231215-01 KIC231215-08 KIC231215-09

The post King Island Courier appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.


Away in a manger: it’s religious Catallaxy Files



You have to laugh (or weep) but here’s the question:

When is a Christmas carol religious?

So let’s think about it:

Away in a manger/no crib for a bed/the little Lord Jesus/lay down his sweet head

Yep, religious


Silent night, holy night/all is calm/all is bright/round yon virgin, mother and child

Yep, religious


Oh come all ye faithful/joyful and triumphant/oh come ye oh come ye to Bethleham;

Come and behold him/born the King of angels/oh come let us adore him

Yep, religious

I working through these examples to give the heads-up to meddling, PC Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino (just another Labor hack), so he can understand that most Christmas carols are in fact RELIGIOUS (Christian actually, like Christmas).

And so his tortured explanation of not banning carols at Victorian public schools but banning all religious material during school hours is completely INCONSISTENT. 

He is just running to protect his arse because he knows that the vast majority of Victorians supports the singing of carols (and hymns)  in school and for a government to ban this practice will be seriously frowned on by the electorate.  Just pathetic.

(Here’s a true conundrum: younger sister working in a state junior school is running sports day. It is Ramadam.  It is a hot day.  What does she do about the small group of Muslim students who refuse to eat or drink during daylight hours?)

Here’s the desperate rationalisation from Jimmyboy:

This time of year is often referred to as the “silly season” and I haven’t seen a better example of this than the article entitled...


Innovation Policy or Zedonk Redux Catallaxy Files

I don’t claim the writing or oratory skills of Don Watson – former speech write for Paul Keating and others.  But I could not have written a better case study on the lessons of Australian government industry policy, the most recent of which is PM Turnbull’s Innovation Plan.

Writing for the Australian a few days ago, Watson recounts the tale of the Victorian Zedonk – a cross between a zebra and a donkey, and the Government grands provided to stimulate tourism off the back of the zedonk.

Now Watson was writing more about the corruption of language that is our current political and bureaucratic establishment (perhaps they got this from the coaching and training Judith Sloan wrote about yesterday here), but I wait for the next Government sponsored boondoggle.  Whole Watson piece here, but the initial tale follows:

Oh, for some oratory not mired in mantras When you mate a donkey with a zebra you get a dear little useless thing with stripes and big ears called a zedonk. Sometime in the 1980s, when tourism was held out as the nation’s saviour and governments were inventing their first mission statements and learning to put “value­adding” and “leverage our competitive advantages” into every speech and press release, a chap in the Otway Ranges value­added his donkey into a zedonk and leveraged it into a “tourist attraction”.

To help him along with his start­up he got hold of several thousand dollars from the Victorian Economic Development Corporation, which had been created by the Cain Labor government to provide venture capital to entrepreneurs with this sort of vision and get up and go.

Labor scraped home in the 1988 election campaign, but had the story of the zedonk got o...


Festive fun and games Independent Australia

Festive fun and gamesSport for this festive season is dominated by cricket and soccer, writes Lachlan Barker. read now...


More plaudits for Star Wars: The Force Awakens Independent Australia

More plaudits for Star Wars: The Force AwakensMatthew N. Donovan gives a spoiler-free review of the latest intergalactic blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. read now...


Malicious orcs No Right Turn

That's the only way to describe Auckland property developers John Lenihan and Jane Greensmith, who this morning had their henchmen attack and ringbark the 500 year old Titirangi kauri. But this wasn't just an act of spiteful environmental vandalism - it was also done deliberately to subvert a High Court judicial review scheduled to be heard this afternoon, to make it pointless by establishing facts on the ground. And that's something the court should take very seriously.

Something else they might want to consider: criminal nuisance charges against those responsible. Because taking a chainsaw to a tree when there's someone in it clearly endangers their life and safety regardless of whether the ultimate intention is to cut the tree down or not. And people need to be held criminally accountable for that.

Finally, I hope anybody thinking of doing business with these scumbags keeps in mind their established pattern of malice, deceit, and lawlessness. These are simply not people you can trust. They should be treated accordingly.


Sorry, minions and serfs ... forget the seven million whys ... loon pond

Sorry, the pond is unable to attend to any business at this time, including reptile hysteria, though it does appreciate the attention of minions and serfs, engaged at a modest stipend, to attend to its most whimsical and frivolous desires...

After all, where would the health system be, without fast food, served by wretched, indigent third rate citizens for the good of all?

If anyone has any complaints about current discussions, please take it up with the relevant authorities ... and best be quick about it, before attention wanes over the break ...

Please, oh please, note the early closing time, serfs and minions.

What's that you say?

Having a go at the earnings of the underbelly underclass while companies worth billions making squillions pay no tax at all?

Why that's the joy and the meaning of Xmas ...

Irony ...

Try a dose of mineral-laden irony with your breakfast cereal. Feel its sustaining power ...

And now the pond is truly off for the break. Felicitations and salutations to all, as the pond's tiresome uncle used to say ... and let us look forward to a prosperous new year ...



Diary secrets Independent Australia

Diary secretsInto the dark mysteries of Attorney-General George Brandis' diary. read now...


Australia: A republic worth living for Independent Australia

Australia: A republic worth living forHistorian David Lewis, in reply to Graham Paterson's recent IA article, examines the notion of Australia's sovereignty and contends that the Constitution is in fine shape — but we should still be a republic. read now...


Merry Christmas Truth Seekers Musings

Well Truth Seekers, what a year we’ve had   :shock:   Starting the year with one alleged PM, and finishing it with another alleged PM   :roll: And along the way we had: Abbott starting the year on shaky ground, … Continue reading

Tuesday, 22 December


Trump v Clinton head to head Catallaxy Files

So far as any reports I have seen, Trump has not replied to Obama in spite of the opening Obama provided by criticising Trump. I find that inexplicable, but I am not going to go around telling him how to run a campaign, since he seems quite capable of doing things on his own. Where Trump did go head to head is here: Presidential Front-Runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Face Off. And the issue is this:

The crossfire between the two leading presidential candidates intensified Monday, as Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign stood by her claim that Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s rhetoric is being used as propaganda by terrorist groups, though there is no evidence Islamic State has put him in videos.

Mrs. Clinton said in Saturday’s Democratic debate that Mr. Trump “is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter,” and that he was being used in videos. Mr. Trump angrily denied the former secretary of state’s charge and demanded an apology from her. The Clinton campaign refused to provide one, pointing to comments from several counterterrorism experts and social media posts by terror groups to support the claims.

That she didn’t have evidence for what she said is the way of the world, not that the American media will ever mention it. But Gateway Pundit has a posting on Somebody Tell Hillary… ISIS Recruitment Video Featured Bill Clinton the “Fornicator” (VIDEO). It also shows John Kerry and Obama himself. The video has quite some production values, and is interesting as an artefact of our own times. It obviously will only repel, and I hope frighten the likes of us. So on the narrow issue of...


Introducing Wayne Morrison: don’t take a bow Catallaxy Files

How disappointing has been the performance of the new Treasurer?  You could close your eyes and think that it is Wayne Swan talking drivel, presumably in part fed to him by his advisers and Treasury.  All ambitious politicians think they can be Treasurer; they are wrong.

What’s this walking away from achieving a budget surplus and introducing a new target of achieving a budget deficit below some long-run average (how far back to you go figuring this out?  Include WW2 perhaps?) of 0.8 per cent of GDP.

Evidently, according to Wayne Morrison, as long as the deficit is around or below (by assumption, mate, because these are forward estimates) 0.8 per cent, then everything’s OK. TRULY PATHETIC.

And Treasury seems to have lost the plot with its weak support for fiscal consolidation because we might need to waste more taxpayer money if there is a downturn in the economy.

NO NO NO – the argument for fiscal consolidation is to:

  • restrict government spending to core functions;
  • ensure that the benefits of government spending far outweigh the costs taking into account the excess burden of taxation;
  • ensure we retain our AAA credit rating;
  • reduce the deadweight burden of interest payments on government debt;


And as for Wayne Morrison’s equally pathetic assessment that the CPI indexation of the Age Pension was not a structural reform.  Oh please.  This was in fact recommended by the National Commission of Audit (as an interim measure before AWOTE was introduced as the indexation facto...


All I want is a Christmas Pell Independent Australia

All I want is a Christmas PellAll contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence wants is cowardly Cardinal Pell to come back home to Australia and face the Commission. read now...


Feeling the heat at Yackendanda. Pity about the temperature records Catallaxy Files

Campbell Klose, warming consultant and Guardian writer, making capital out of the Victorian bushfires tells us that the effects of climate change are being felt right now and it is having real impacts on Australians and people all across the world. However the on the ground temperature records in the district shown no warming at all over the last century.

The region around Yackendanda hasn’t had much warming, or even possibly, any warming.

Yackendandah is 37 km away from Rutherglen, where the annual mean maximum is not that different now to what it was 100 years ago. In mean temperatures, the raw data showed a slight cooling trend, which was similar in neighbours like Deniliquin.

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