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Sunday, 20 December


Byron Bay Blog: Alan Cumming to get fruity in Lismore on New Year’s Eve "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Award winning actor, best-selling author and Broadway star Alan Cumming will join Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell in opening the annual Tropical Fruits Festival on New Year’s Eve in Lismore. Cumming is on his way to the rainbow region to perform his hit show ‘Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs’ at NORPA at Lismore City Hall on December 29 & 30 and will stay on to open the festival the following day.

Alan Cumming (OBE) is a Scottish actor, author and activist who has appeared in numerous films, television shows and plays. He has just finished filming the latest instalment of the TV series “The Good Wife” in which he plays a charismatic political campaign manager Eli Gold. His bestselling 2014 autobiography ‘Not My Father’s Son’ tells the emotional story of the brutal relationship with his abusive father when he was growing up and the later discoveries he made when filming the TV show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’. A campaigner for LGBT rights, Cumming has also been awarded for his contribution toward eliminating homophobia.


His f...


The Witches Kitchen: Davidson Plum Jam "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

davidson plum jam on multigrain sourdough

My breakfast this morning – Davidson Plum jam on multigrain sourdough toast.  Mmmmm

Davidson plums (and kumquats) are just about the only fruit I turn into jam.  Mulberries, mangos, peaches, strawberries to my taste are better as not-jam – just very lightly stewed fruit without added sugar, for eating fresh, spread on toast or pancakes or scones.

But fresh Davidson plums are mouth puckeringly sour, and with a jam quantity of sugar they turn into something so memorably good that white-sugar-is-poison doesn’t apply.  They’re a rainforest understory plant native to my part of the world.  We’ve planted lots of them in the riparian regeneration project I’ve been working in for the last decade.  My reward is in – a walk through the rainforest and kilos of Davidson plums.

davidson plum tree

They make very easy and very superb jam – enough pectin to set reliably without anything added, just two largish easy to remove seeds, a full complex flavour that would be overelaborated by adding spi...

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Saturday, 19 December


AWPA Sydney News: Filmmaker aims to dispel AIDS stigma in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Filmmaker aims to dispel AIDS stigma in Papua

Sally Round, Radio New Zealand International -
Wesley Kosai thought he had been cursed. The 34 year old from Wamena in Indonesia's Papua region had fallen ill and didn't know he'd contracted HIV.
He says for three years he suffered, lo...


Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group: Recent articles "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A  list of recent articles that have appeared relating to Australia's treatment of those seeking asylum and refugees. Writers include Julian Burnside, and Aloysious Mowe SJ, Director of Jesuit Refugee Service. Topics include the campaign to encourage stakeholders to reconsider their relationship with Transfield.


you said it...: ‘We speak English in this country’: woman films racial tirade on Sydney train "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

December 18, 2015 – 11:36PM

    Kate Aubusson  Journalist

A Sydney train has once again become a battleground for racial tolerance after a young woman was subject to a vicious tirade from a fellow passenger.

Natalie Soto, 20, was speaking Spanish to her mother over the phone as she rode a train into the Sydney CBD on Thursday morning.

“My mum just wanted to make sure I had caught the right train. Her English isn’t very good so I was speaking to her in Spanish,” Ms Soto said.

Natalie Soto filmed the woman on the train

She could hear the angry grumblings of a woman sitting two rows in front of her but was shocked when she realised the woman’s gripe was with her.

The incident is the latest in a string of racial tirades filmed by commuters on Sydney trains and buses.

In September...


Geelong Visual Diary: Nativity scenes in clay "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

from w
I was given a very simple nativity scene with red clay figures set into a kind of cave made from redgum wood. Margaret and John gave it to me. I wonder who made the little figures.  This nativity I reckon is better than the colourful plastic figures you see everywhere. Actually the best kind of nativity is a live show with people dressed up, a cow, a donkey, chooks, sheep in the scene and even have a village street with carpenters, cooks, etc. They run these shows in the Thornbury area of Melbourne.


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Sea of Galilee - synagogues, churches, fortresses and caves "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

My middle aged husband and his equally middle aged brother decided to go on a hike with their sons and grandsons in Israel, a male bonding experience. Thanks to the Israel Nature & Parks Authority for notes about the landscape. Thanks to my son Naftali Tours, for the information about the man-made sites (synagogue, caves etc).

The highest point of the cliff, Mount Arbel, rises 390 ms above the Kinneret/Sea of Galilee, while the national park has an area of c2,127 acres. Visitors to the Arbel Plateau note that the limestone and dolomite cliff towers over the Ginnosar Valley. This sheer cliff over the Sea of Galilee looks over the fertile Arbel Valley, home to three farming communities: Moshav Arbel, Kfar Zetim and Kfar Hittim. Along the Arbel Stream, the largest of the springs is En Arbel near the Bedouin village of Hamam. The remnants of ancient flour mills and aqueducts dot the stream, as do the remnants of pomegranate, fig and citrus orchards and of vineyards.

Arbel Plateau, overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Many species of mammals find shelter in the national park, taking advantage of its water sources and rocky hideaways. The most common are wolves, hyenas and martens. The reserve has relatively few trees. The lone carob tree at the top of Mount Arbel, visible all around, is a remnant of a s...


Common Ground North Coast: People to know – Andrew Kidman "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Australian artist Andrew Kidman works in many mediums.  Music, writing, painting, photography, surfboard shaping or films all born from his connection to the ocean.

Among his works are the films Spirit of Akasha, Litmus, Glass Love and Last Hope.  Last Hope in particular being a film that merged the creative aspect of surf and art. Andrew is also an accomplished musician, having released albums as Andrew Kidman, The Val Dusty Experiment and The Brown Birds of Windy Hills.

Andrew has also published a number of books, most notably Lost in the Ether, Way of the Bird and a film/book documentary detailing the finer points of surfboard designed, Ether.

Andrew was born in Canberra and grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He has been living on the North Coast for the last 13 years with his partner, Michele who is originally from New York and their two kids. They spend most of their time here on the North Coast, every couple of years they go back to New york for the winter.

KP – Claim to fame/day job/hobby/what are you known for?

Making surfing films and music. Shaping surfboards

KP – Is it your passion or just something you do?


KP – If it is not your passion what is?

Music and Surfing

KP – What is your greatest career achievement?

Working on the Spirit of Akasha film and soundtrack and playing it live at the Opera House and Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival

KP – How do you give back to your community?

I try and keep it clean

KP – What is your idea of perfect happiness?



Fig Jam and Lime Cordial: December Snippets "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

We’re coasting…very gently…towards the end of the year. Exams are finished, my Mum is doing well, the garden is flourishing and I’m taking afternoon naps. It’s hard to ask for more than that! Here are a few snippets from this fun time of year… . . . . . Small Man has been back for […]

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Friday, 18 December


Ocean Grove Voice: Cobra pair unlock success "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


COBRA cricket star junior youngsters Sam Walsh and Max Sutton may have unlocked the keys to Collendina’s A Grade success this season.
The 15-year pair, who both attend St Joseph’s College, both played together in the Cobras’ A Grade resounding win over Barrabool in round five at home.
Collendina are firmly entrenched in the BPCA A Grade top four with wins against Barrabool and Queenscliff and two victories against Wallington.
Walsh bowled economically and finished with 1/18 from 10 overs with five maidens against the Bulls.
Wicket-keeper batsman Sutton proved a hit and compiled 27 batting at number six and combined in a fifth-wicket stand with Alastair Grant (44).
Sutton, who claimed three catches behind the stumps, said his A Grade selection was a pleasant surprise.
“I have had a few knocks in B Grade and C Grade in previous years,” he said.
“I only played a couple of games in B Grade this season, so I was a bit surprised with the A Grade call-up.”
Collendina co-coach Corey Walter said Sutton and Walsh’s enthusiasm for cricket was infectious.
“They have been really good all year for us, they have been training early on, they love their cricket they are both right into in it … they have both been contributing,” Walter said.
In round six, with the Cobras without experienced pair Charlie Lamb and Jye Hearps, Walsh was forced to shoulder the bowler workload and took 1/29 from 10 overs against reigning A Grade premier Drysdale.
Collendina rolled Drysdale for only 135 on day one.
“I heard Drysdale were pretty good from past years with results, so I knew we had to perform really well to try and roll them out,” Walsh said.
In round four against Queenscliff, Sam, son of Ocean Grove Football Club coach Wayne Walsh, claimed 4/46 from 13 overs and chipped with a valuable 27 with the bat.
The pair said they were undaunted playing against the elite experienced A Gra...


Ocean Grove Voice: Warm conditions for Grove LSV event "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


HUNDREDS of elite state surf life saving club descended on Ocean Grove Main Beach for the first Life Saving Victoria carnival of the season on Sunday 13 December.
Ocean Grove SLSC head coach Sonia Kinsey said it was a terrific day to compete with warm weather and off-shore conditions.
“It was off-shore for most of the day, it was definitely what we wanted for the first carnival,” Kinsey said.
The Ocean Grove brother and sister pairing of Nathan and Keely Peatling finished second in the open mixed double ski event.
Keely Peatling teamed up with Lucy Conquit and Danielle Silvester for Ocean Grove in the open women’s surf board teams race to finish second out of six teams competing.
In the men’s iron man under-17 race, Campbell Bohan finished second.
In the Junior Nipper carnival held at Mount Martha on Saturday 12 December, gun Ocean Grove SLSC Nipper Charlie Mahoney won the boys under-12 surf board race.
Mahoney also placed second in the boys under-12 iron man race.
In the under-13 event, Ocean Grove SLSC competitors Tim Hannan won the boys iron man race and finished second in the boys surf race.
Hannan’s Ocean Grove team-mate Tyler Walsh won the surf race.
Kinsey praised the parents of Ocean Grove SLSC competitors who helped commute with board equipment from Ocean Grove to Mount Martha via the Queenscliff and Sorrento ferry service.
“The parents are amazing and very supportive and you could not ask for a better backing group,” Kinsey said.

The post Warm conditions for Grove LSV event appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.

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Thursday, 17 December


OCCUPYMELBOURNE.NET: Trump Unstumpable "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

trump independent Trump-with-rifle-AP-PhotoDanny-Johnston-640x480

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, many people thought of his entry as a novelty, perhaps even some free publicity. But then something unexpected happened, Trump started voicing the concerns of a muzzled sector of US society. Trump was off the standard political script, anti-Immigration, primarily illegal immigration from Mexico. Estimates are than as many as 10 million illegal immigrants from Mexico are working in the USA at any one time. This was stunning enough and tapped in to a ground swell of support. Following the latest terror attacks in Paris, he added a ban on Islamic immigration in the USA. The media simply went bananas, so did the voting public.

Trumps lead in the polls grew, showing he had tapped in the true sentiment of the public.

The political establishment hate him, along with the left leaning media. But right now he is a stand out contender with some polls making him electable as an independent president. The last time an independent was elected president was in the time of the founding fathers.

The next most damaging aspect is the American public has become accustomed to the president acting as a dictator and legislating through executive orders. While this is not what executive orders are meant to be for, the president has been set to allow dictatorial power. Democrats didn’t care about dictatorial power of a democrat was doing it inside their narrative, but now the narrative has changed they are very worried and are screaming blue murder.



Radio Blue Mountains 89.1: Grand Canyon access "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

logo** UPDATED ADVICE for canyoners for the period 19 Dec – 18 Jan**

 National Parks & Wildlife Service

Blue Mountains National Park

Grand Canyon, Blackheath


The Grand Canyon walking track is currently closed from Wednesday 14 October 2015 to mid-June 2016. Work is continuing on improving the walking track.

From Sat 19 Dec 2015 to Mon 18 Jan 2016 access for canyoners only will be 7 days per week – exit via Evans Lookout only.  The walking track above the canyon remains closed.

Access from Evans Lookout via Beauchamp Falls to the Grose Valley will remain open for walkers.

Evans Lookout Carpark, Loop Carpark, and Neates Glen Carpark will remain open.

For further information, please call the NPWS Heritage Centre, Blackheath:

Ph: 4787 8877 – open daily 9AM – 4.30PM

The post Grand Canyon access appeared first on Radio Blue Mountains 89.1.

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Wednesday, 16 December


Radio Blue Mountains 89.1: New Immunisation requirements from 1 January 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

New immunisation requirements will be coming into force from 1 January 2016 in relation to family assistance payments and the enrolment of children in child care.

no jabThe Commonwealth is making changes to family assistance payments under the ‘No Jab, No Pay’ measure to increase childhood vaccination rates, including that conscientious objection will no longer be an approved exception for eligibility for the Child Care Rebate, Child Care Benefit, and Family Tax Benefit (Part A – Supplementary). Parents who do not fully immunise their children up to 19 years of age will no longer be eligible for family assistance payments with exceptions for children with medical contraindications or natural immunity for certain diseases and those on a recognised catch-up schedule.

In NSW conscientious objection is a valid exemption for enrolment in child care under the NSW Public Health Act 2010. As the Commonwealth conscientious objection form will no longer be available, an interim NSW vaccination objection form for enrolment in NSW child care centres will be available for use during 2016 while the Public Health Act undergoes its scheduled review process. Please note that these interim arrangements will apply to children being enrolled after 1 January 2016 only. Children who have been enrolled in 2015 to commence in 2016 do not need to complete the new form. Children who attend OOSH (Out of School Hours) services both on school campuses or externally are exempt from the vaccination requirements as the children are enrolled in formal schoolin...


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Tuesday, 15 December


Radio Blue Mountains 89.1: Positions Vacant – Casual Support Workers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

CAS-MasterBANC Community Access is currently seeking casual support workers for its disability service. Click here for more information and to download an information kit.

The post Positions Vacant – Casual Support Workers appeared first on Radio Blue Mountains 89.1.

Monday, 14 December

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